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Meet Dr. Amara DeLuca.


She’s a beautiful, single doctor who delivers the babies of Hollywood's hottest stars. Her perfect, glamorous life is turned upside down when her father, a retired doctor and her partner in the practice, hires Dr. Dakin Lacroix to assist Amara in the ever-growing medical office. Amara doesn’t want or need the new guy—until she begins to fall in love with him.

Her best friend, Venus Vanderbilt, is a best-selling romance novelist and should be able to offer sage advice—but Venus is traumatized because she suspects her husband is having an affair.

When Amara learns that Dr. Olivia Campanelli, a renowned heart surgeon, already has her trained eye set on Dakin, she realizes she might have missed her chance with the handsome doctor.

Can Amara juggle a successful medical practice and win the man of her dreams?

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Meet Ava Spivey.

She's a notorious divorce attorney in Hollywood known for her tenacity in the courtroom and her mega-million dollar settlements for celebrity clients. However, her own marriage begins to crumble after a surprise encounter with a former high school boyfriend.

When hot action-adventure movie star, Sawyer Winston, retains Ava to represent him in one of Hollywood’s biggest divorce scandals yet, she finds herself in trouble after a media leak threatens to reveal a secret that Sawyer had strictly confided to Ava.

Will Ava be able to save her marriage and her career?