Asylum Harbor

Amber Knowles, a beautiful high school senior and Florida governor John Knowles’s daughter, has everything going for her until she disappears during a cruise to the Bahamas. After an extensive search of the ship SeaStar, it’s clear that Amber has vanished without a trace. When Governor Knowles receives the distressing news, he asks for Rachel Scott’s help.

The teenager’s disappearance represents every parent’s worst fear, and Rachel, founder of Florida Omni Search, knows only too well what losing a daughter feels like. Her three-year-old, Mallory, went missing five years ago. As she works with FBI special agent, Drake Reynolds, Rachel discovers an organized crime ring linked to the cruise line. The last person known to see Amber aboard the ship was an incognito DEA agent, who also has vanished. Where is he? And where is Amber? Finally, where is Mallory?

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 "People who loved Traci Hohenstein’s first novel, Burn Out, will definitely love the second installment in the Rachel Scott series, Asylum Harbor....A thrill ride from beginning to end, Asylum Harbormore than fills the bill for those who are fans of James Patterson or Mary Higgins Clark. If you like your suspense packed with plenty of action and enough turns to rival an obstacle course, I highly recommend this book." Night Owl Reviews